Here are 6 easy steps for registering for and viewing your Campaign Essentials in 60 Minutes Course:

#1 Register by clicking the "Click Here to Get Started" button....

#2 You will be directed to CourseCraft (digital home of our course).

#3 Enter your email address, then add your name and create a password.

#4 Enter your payment information through PayPal.

#5 Use the guide below to navigate through the lessons in the course.

#6 Feel free to revisit sections after you've completed the course as specific needs arise in your campaign.

Course Craft Lessons.jpg

1. Click on the lesson you would like the view

2. If the lesson has a Worksheet or Checklist, click on the green "Download File" button. (If you don't see the download pop-up, please check your downloads folder, your browser's download display or your desktop.)

3. Click on the Arrow in the center of the video to begin playing. Once the video has begun to play, you can make it full screen by clicking on the "Expanding Arrows" on the right corner of the video. To return to the lesson, hit the esc key.

4. Click on the gray "Next" button at the bottom right to move to the next lesson. Or, click on the white "Lesson List" button at the right top to return to the full list of lessons.

Course Craft Lesson Instruction.jpg