The Real Chris Smiths

Chris Smiths and Election Signs

We feature six Chris Smiths running for local office in Local Elections 101: Campaign Essentials. Their campaigns give us insight into how to put together a successful bid for public office.

Our Team also celebrates the real Chris Smiths who have chosen to run for political office. We’re not here to endorse campaigns or candidates, but we do support everyone’s participation in the democratic process and appreciate the time, energy and effort it takes to stand for election. And we LOVE campaign sign designs!

Here are some real world Chris Smith campaign signs we’ve found or have been sent to us. If you find a Chris Smith running for local office… snap a pic of the sign and send it to us at

(Thanks to our friend in Forsyth County for sending this in!)

Chris Smith for Orangetown Town Council

(Chris Smith Gets Results: Thanks Patrick for sending us this sign!)

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