Post-Election Clean Up

Win or lose, the election isn’t quite over yet. There are still some last things that need to be done following the end of your campaign.

1) Pick up your signs. This can feel quite daunting, especially if your district is large, but as timely as possible, no matter how tired you and your volunteers are – pick up your signs. The public is really ready for election season to be over and the longer you wait, the less happy your community will be with you. Your jurisdiction will likely have a deadline for you to pick up signs – make sure to ask and comply with the ordinance.

Take some time to store your signs properly so that if you decide to run again, they will be in good shape (not having to order signs is a great budget saver the next time around). If your signs are in poor condition or you are positive you will not be running again – consider donating the metal sign stakes to your local political party or another candidate to save money in the future.

2) Say Thank you. Your volunteers and donors were the backbone of your campaign. Take the time to thank everyone personally with a handwritten note or phone call. Making sure everyone knows how much their support meant to you will ensure that they will be willing to help the next time around.

3) Disable any recurring expenses. If you are not planning to keep an active campaign going, make sure to shut down your website service and any other recurring expenses that might show up on your credit card after your final campaign report has been turned in. If you are planning to run again and want to keep the same domain name – consider extending your term of service on the domain through the next election in one payment now so you won’t lose the website address.

4) File your Campaign Finance Reports. It is startling to discover the number of folks who forget this last step. Remember, that no matter the outcome, you still need to file your report. If you no longer need your account, make sure to follow the proper procedures to pay off final expenses, close your bank account and officially close your campaign with the Board of Elections. The last thing you want or need is a surprise fine for something you thought ended months ago. If you need more information about the rules in your state, visit our Board of Elections Resource Center.

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