Hello My Name Is…

You’ve been there. That event where a voter you met weeks ago on the campaign trail looks at you with a vague spark of recognition. You carefully exchange pleasantries and try to work the conversation into an embarrassing re-introduction.

One simple inexpensive thing could change this from an awkward campaign moment to voter contact success: A Nametag.

Sounds simple, but you would be surprised how often this overlooked. One of your main jobs as a candidate is to build your name recognition and your brand – this is any easy way to keep up that effort.

It is also a kindness you can offer to those you meet. You can make them feel confident and connected to you by allowing them to say “Chris, great to see you again!” instead of stumbling to remember where they met you.

Our Campaign Tip: Get a professionally made name tag with a magnetic back. This way it is reusable, will protect your clothes and will make an easy introduction everywhere you go.

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