Do I Really Need a Campaign Manager?

“Do I really need a campaign manager? It’s just a small local election and I am an organized person who has it all together!”

Yes. You do. Really.

It is hard to find someone that fits the bill: gets along great with you, is trustworthy and organized, knows what to do and isn’t already over committed. But choosing (the right) someone is of vital importance to your electoral success.

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You are a super individual and that is going to help you succeed in your new elected post. But to win – you need to focus on things that only you the candidate can do. You need volunteers to help you on nearly every aspect of your campaign – and you need someone in charge of managing all those aspects and making sure nothing gets forgotten.

It is hard to ask someone to dedicate so much time, energy and passion to YOU… but this is part of what you need to be able to accomplish – inspiring others to be committed to your vision and passion.

For more information about campaign managers, watch the video Local Elections 101: Campaign Essentials >>>

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