Your state may have a specific way you need to report this expenditure. For a link to your state's Board of Elections, visit our Board of Elections Resource Center >>>


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How do I report this on my financial report?

You can access the Local Elections 101 video tutorial through CourseCraft. Once you enroll in the class, you and your campaign staff will have access to the videos, worksheets and checklists throughout your campaign.

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How can I watch Local Elections 101?

You can contact Local Elections 101 staff by email at: rebecca@localelections101.com. Please include your name and contact information so that we can better serve you.

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How can I contact you?
Are you working on new videos?

Yes! We are working on new content. If you have an idea about a topic you'd like to see covered, questions or comments that might help us make Local Elections 101 products better, please let us know on our Contact Us page >>>  Thank you!

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No. The video tutorial covers the essentials of local campaigns common to most local elections. Each state and locality has specific election, finance and ethics laws that you are required to follow. Contact your state or local Board of Elections for a list of rules for your specific election.


For a link to your state's Board of Elections, visit our Board of Elections Resource Center >>>

Does Local Elections 101 cover election law?

Yes! You and your campaign staff can watch the video tutorial as many times as necessary. We suggest you watch the video once all the way through and then come back to specific sections as the need arises.

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Can I watch the Local Elections 101 Campaign Essentials video tutorial again?
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Are you affiliated with CourseCraft?

We use CourseCraft to provide you with access to our video tutorial. However, we are not affiliated with CourseCraft in any way. If you have a question regarding their services, please contact them directly at: https://coursecraft.net


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What internet browsers are supported?
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Is this information partisan or associated with a political party?

No. The information in this course is nonpartisan. We believe in the American democratic process. We feel strongly that prepared candidates who can clearly articulate their reasons for running for public office and what they hope to accomplish provide the best chance for the citizenry to make an informed choice.


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Yes! We are willing to talk to you about bulk purchasing of Course Registrations, Zoom Q&A or other presentation possibilities. Please email us at rebecca@localelections101.com

or through our Contact Us page >>> 


Are you able to make special arrangements for
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