Local Elections 101: Campaign Essentials

In a 60-minute video tutorial, we'll help you understand:

  • The Key to Victory

  • Knowing Your Voters

  • Analyzing Candidate Fundamentals

  • The Campaign Resource Toolbox

  • Message and Media

  • Election Day 


Also included: Five Printable Worksheets and Checklists that you and your campaign staff can use to put this material to work in your election.


The Key to Victory

Understanding the KEY guiding factor to lead you to victory

Knowing Your Voters

Understanding the benefits and necessity of understanding who the voters are in your district

INCLUDES: Knowing Your Voters Checklist

Candidate Fundamentals

Covering you and your message, candidate analysis, platform, campaign identity and slogan, speeches, questions and answers and controlling your image.

INCLUDES: Candidate Analysis Worksheet

INCLUDES: Platform, Identity & Slogan Worksheet

Campaign Resource Toolbox

Unpacking the crucial tools that can help you maximize your resources.
INCLUDES: Campaign Resources Checklist


Message and Media

Outlining the myriad of communication avenues for you to use throughout the phases of yourcampaign to persuade voters to vote for you and to get out the vote on election day.

INCLUDES: Campaign Communications Checklist


Election Day

How to plan for the Big Day!


Our mission is simple...

We want to give you the essential tools to win your local election.


We believe in the American democratic process. We feel strongly that prepared candidates who can clearly articulate their reasons for running for public office and what they hope to accomplish provide the best chance for the citizenry to make an informed choice.


We also think that the election process can be fun, exciting and inspiring!