Local Elections 101:
A 60-Minute Video Tutorial

You've filed for election!
Congratulations... Now What?


Whether you are running for School Board, Mayor, Town Council, County Commissioner or any local office... We are here to help you understand:

  • The Key to Victory

  • Knowing Your Voters

  • Analyzing Candidate Fundamentals

  • The Campaign Resource Toolbox

  • Message and Media

  • Bringing It All Together: Election Day!



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New eBook

Coming Soon!

Local Elections 101:
Campaign Essentials


All the great material in the video, now in a eBook with valuable examples.


Including outlines and examples for the press releases, palm cards, websites, door hangers, political signs, newspaper/print advertising, billboards, telephone and door-to-door scripts, and simple speeches that are presented in the online video tutorial.

LE101 Campaign Essentials eBook for PDF
Our mission is simple...

We want to give you the essential tools to win your local election.


We believe in the American democratic process. We feel strongly that prepared candidates who can clearly articulate their reasons for running for public office and what they hope to accomplish provide the best chance for the citizenry to make an informed choice.


We also think that the election process can be fun, exciting and inspiring!

This is your guide to WIN!
Presented in a fast-paced, fun format.

Your time is extremely valuable – and we don’t intend to waste a second of it! In one hour we give you the essentials on how to put together a winning campaign. Presented in short animated video segments, this video tutorial will keep your attention and kick-start your campaign.


We also include 5 printable worksheets and checklists that will help you organize your campaign.

Election advice without
hiring a consultant or
reading a library
of books

You could hire an expensive political consultant to walk you through your campaign step by step. You could spend countless hours reading books on the topic – or you could let us do the work for you. We have years of experience working on campaigns and researching campaign strategy.


This video tutorial boils down what we’ve learned into a one-hour discussion of the essentials you need to put together a winning local campaign.

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    This stuff really works.



— B.G. from North Carolina

       These ideas helped me turn my campaign from chaos to victory! It is easy to get distracted and off track in the whirlwind of a campaign. Thank you for helping me keep the Key to Victory in mind.



— R.A. from North Carolina

      Every campaign manager needs to watch this. It will help you (and your candidate) stay sane.



— K.R. from North Carolina